Hertogenbosch Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Infrastructure

Energy neutral wastewater treatment plant

Hertogenbosch Wastewater Treatment Plant


Increasing the hydraulic and biological capacity of the existing plant was important for the client to improve water treatment capacity at the existing plant. Harnessing the by-product of wastewater treatment to produce biogas has enabled the plant to become completely energy neutral.

The plant processes both its own sludge and sludge from external sources by using proven self-sufficient energy technology at the waterline as well as thermophilic fermentation technology in the sludge line. BESIX coordinated the environmental permits, delivered all stages of design as well as systems engineering and system-oriented contract management. The existing facility remained operational during works with new facilities commissioned before renovations.


Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Waterschap Aa en Maas

$66 million


2015 - 2018


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