Base Security Improvement Program


Upgrading Security at Important Defence Bases

Base Security Improvement Program


We delivered sophisticated security upgrades to 16 Army, Navy, and Air Force sites across NSW, the ACT, Victoria, and Queensland as part of the Base Security Improvement Program (BSIP). The wide array of improved security measures ranged from additional CCTV to active vehicle barriers.


Multiple sites across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC

Department of Defence

$180 million



Construct Only


Workers employed


Bases across four states and territories


Securing Australia’s Defence sites

Optimising security

A project of this sensitivity benefited from our flexible approach, adapting our processes to suit the program. Our induction methodology was modified to ensure that both in-house staff and subcontractors were appropriately trained in the required security protocols, including a custom pass system for the project and guidelines and restrictions regarding prohibited materials and use of electronic devices while on-site. These measures allowed operations at these sites to continue with minimal disruption.

National project, national approach

Our capability in delivering large, multi-site projects enabled us to carry out works on multiple bases across a geographically diverse footprint. With a large scope that evolved throughout the project in addition to works taking place on up to eight sites at once, collaboration was the critical backbone to the project’s success. To streamline our client’s interface with the project, we created a project management office that imitated the Department of Defence’s structure. Not only was this approach well received by the client, but it allowed us to share information gathered during the project across the multiple teams involved, which supported our focus on active learning.

Mitigating issues

A key aspect of the planned security upgrades was the installation of active vehicle barriers to secure vehicle entry points. Our team identified design flaws with the equipment that had been selected for the barriers. We then collaborated with the Department of Defence, the Project Management/Contract Administration, Design Services Contract and the AVB suppliers to select more suitable equipment. This modification not only provided higher security for the bases, but also improved pedestrian safety and lowered Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon at no extra cost.

Delivering on an expectation of excellence

Integrating the existing security system with the new one was a complex task. We streamlined this process by appointing a dedicated Security Manager, in charge of overseeing the design development, stakeholder interaction and involvement, installation, commissioning, and training. The Department of Defence stakeholders were glowing in their feedback, praising the professionalism shown by our teams on site and the seamless demonstration of the main access control point and pass office capabilities.

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