17th Construction Squadron


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17th Construction Squadron


We redeveloped the 17th Construction Squadron, 6th Engineer Support Regiment, including its relocation to the RAAF Base in Amberley, Queensland. The project was completed in five stages, including construction of a fire training area; refurbishment of existing buildings and amenities; and building new facilities including offices, workshops, plant rooms, shelters and a car park. The fire training area included a circular concrete slab with a diameter of 200 metres, the design of which involved approximately 50 pours and substantial pour breaks. Through a deed of amendment, BESIX Watpac designed and constructed a post-tensioned slab which involved only 13 pours and was quicker to construct. Through this improved methodology, BESIX Watpac provided the Commonwealth with a more suitable product at a significant cost saving.


Amberley, Queensland

Department of Defence

$66 million


2015 - 2017

Construct Only

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