World-class team

#Passionate, creative and united — driven to achieve excellence

We recognise the drive and commitment of our talented people who achieve results that are the hallmarks of our long-standing reputation.

Our employees describe the culture at BESIX Watpac as akin to a family. And this much is true. We teach each other, serve one another and share challenges and rewards. We support and respect each other, encourage successes, and provide a setting for personal growth.

We deliberately keep our structure flat so that we are working together effortlessly as one team. This ‘human-sized’ approach means we can remain agile and connected, working smarter to achieve better outcomes. 

The personal touch is embedded in everything we do and is the hallmark of how we treat our employees, clients and stakeholders. 

Around the globe there are 15 000 of us spread across 25 countries. Here in Australia, our workforce is close to 600 employees.

We are connected under one common purpose; it is what unites us across geographical and business borders. Together, we excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world.

CEO Jean-Pol Bouharmont on his career

CEO Jean-Pol Bouharmont on his career

#Meet our people

Liam O’Rourke

Liam O’Rourke

From humble beginnings

Tessa Guastavino

Tessa Guastavino

A lifelong obsession becomes reality

Caleb Peachey

Caleb Peachey

Embracing the next challenge

BESIX Watpac Victoria Team

BESIX Watpac Victoria Team

“We are very proud of our people and the great family culture at BESIX Watpac. Connections are authentic, long lasting, and based on mutual respect; several employees have been with us from the very beginning. We value this special bond because it means our people genuinely care about each other, our clients, and the amazing projects that we create together.”

Angela Liebke, Chief People Officer

#Our Values


We are committed to operational excellence, high performance and delivering on our promises safely.


We collaborate with our clients and partners to drive innovation that makes a difference.


We are genuine, considerate and act with integrity and candour.


We seek to inspire, going the extra mile to achieve results that exceed expectations.


We work as one team to achieve our shared purpose.

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